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Jaguar Athletics

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Jaguar Athletics

Falls Church High School

Jaguar Athletics

Falls Church High School

Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:36AM

State Meet Results

Congratulations to our All-State and State Qualifiers!

All State

Tishere Dockery- 300m hurdles (5th) School Record Holder

Aleksander Ryan -4x800m (7th) School Record Holder

Thomas Vu-4x800m (7th) School Record Holder

Finn Kelleher-4x800m (7th) School Record Holder

David Graham-4x800m (7th) School Record Holder

State Qualifiers

Haley Heironimus-3200m (9th)

Christopher Schappi- 300m hurdles (13th)

Below are the State Meet Results:

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:44AM

Regional Results

State Qualifiers

Tishere Dockery-1st 300m hurdles (School record), 1st 110m Hurdles, 5th in 4x400m

Christopher Schappi 3rd in 300m hurdles, 5th in 4x400m

Haley Heironimus-4th in 3200meter (2 seconds from school record), 5th in 4x800m

Aleksander Ryan -4x800m school record and 5th in 4x400m

David Graham-4x800m school record and 5th in 4x400m

Thomas Vu-4x800m school record 

Finn Keleher -4x800m school record

 and alternates Robbie Potter and Joel Haas in the 4x800m.


Additional Regional Scorers

Jessica McCormick-5th 300m hurdles, 5th 100m hurdles, 6th in long jump

Grace Forsyth-5th in shot put

Lauren Gagermeier-5th in 4x800m

Rachel Hirz-5th in 4x800m

Madison Wood-5th in 4x800m

and alternate Anna Gray in the 4x800m.

Full Results at:

Team News

1 year ago @ 2:27PM

Regional Information

​Dear Jaguar Track and Field,

Below is the schedule and entries for the 2021 Region 6C Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Things to remember below.

DATE: Tuesday June 8 and Wednesday June 9th 2021

LOCATION: Falls Church High School

ADMISSION:$7.00 for Adults $5.00 for Students. Limited to 500 spectators.


Meet Link:

Tuesday June 8th 2021

Field Event Athletes arrive by 3:30pm

Field Events Start at 4:30 PM    (4 attempts, no finals for the below)


Boys Discus (Andrew)


Girls Shot Put (Grace)


Boys Long Jump, Girls Triple Jump, Girls High Jump 


Boys Pole Vault (Spencer and Zack)  


Track Events

Running Event Athletes arrive by 4:30 pm


5:30pmGirls 100m Hurdles Semis (Jessica)


5:40pmBoys 110m Hurdles Semis (Tishere)


5:50pmGirls 100m Dash Semis (Damierah)


5:55pmBoys 100m Dash Semis


6:00pm Girls 4x800m Relay Finals (Lauren, Madison, Haley, Rachel, Anna)


6:15pmBoys 4x800m Relay Finals (Alek, Thomas, Finn, David, Robbie, Joel)


6:30pmGirls 200m Dash Semis (Damierah)


6:35pmBoys 200m Dash Semis


Wednesday June 9th 2021 

Field Event Athletes arrive by 3:30pm


 Field Events start at 4:30 pm  (4 attempts, no finals for the below)

Girls Discus (Grace)


Girls Long Jump (Jessica)


Boys Shot , Boys Triple, Boys High Jump , Girls Pole Vault 


Track Events

Running Event Athletes arrive by 4:30 pm


5:30pm 100m/110m Hurdles (Jessica and Tishere)


5:40pm 100m Dash (Damierah)


5:50pm 1600m Run 


6:05pm 4x100m Relay (Sonya, Eden, Zoe, Sydney, Alt: Madison, Hazel)  (Hugo, Kai, Albert, Tabias, William)


6:20pm 400m Dash (Alek)


6:30pm 300m Hurdles (Jessica, Tishere, and Chris)


6:45pm 800m Run (Lauren and Thomas)


6:55pm 200m Dash (Damierah)


7:10pm 3200m Run (Haley)


7:35pm 4x400m Relay (Tishere, Alek, Thomas, David, Finn, Chris) 

(Jessica,  Lauren, Hazel, Damierah, Madison, Sonya)


7:45pmTeam Awards



Things to remember:


  • Stay in the shade and hydrate. Bring lots and lots of water. It's going to be hot!
  • Give yourself ample time for warm-up. Cool down immediately to recover for next race.
  • Report to event at first call
  • Relays don't forget relay card and baton
  • Stay off the infield. Infield only for officials and right before your race.
  • Check in at end of track near shot put for all events.
  • Don't forget your uniform, shorts, spikes (put new ones in), water, Gatorade, snacks, etc.
  • Cheer for each other and show good sportsmanship. Do not interfer with an event by running along, etc.

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:13PM

Regional Qualifiers

Dear Jaguar Track and Field,
Below is the link to the athletes from the three districts who have qualified for Regionals on June 8th and 9th at Falls Church High School. Congratulations to all the qualifiers, champions, and the athletes who PR'd! We need more volunteers from athletes not competing and parents to help with Regionals. Please email me your availability. This will be a much larger event and we need many hands to make it run efficiently. 
Please check the link below and my list below carefully. Please let me know if I left anyone off unintentionally.
Outdoor District Championship Highlights
  • 2 district championships
  • 26 regional event qualifiers
  • 33 regional qualifiers
  • 34 personal records
Regional Qualifying list:



District Champion

Tishere Dockery- 110m Hurdles and 300m Hurdles


FC Regional Qualifiers


Jessica McCormick-300m hurdles (2nd), 100mHurdles (3rd), Long Jump (2nd), 4x400m (2nd)

Haley Heironimus- 3200m (2nd), 1600m (3rd), 4x800m (3rd) 

Lauren Gagermeier- 800m (3rd), 4x400 (2nd), 4x800(3rd) 

Grace Forsyth- Discus (2nd) , Shot Put (4th) 

Damierah Walker-200m (3rd), 100m (5th), 4x400m (2nd) 

Rachel Hirz- 4x800 (3rd) 

Madison Wood-4x800 (3rd), 4x400 alternate

Hazel Nguyen- 4x400m (2nd)

Olivia Lang-4x400m/4x800m alternate

Anna Gray-4x800m Alternate

Sonya Newett-4x100m


Eden Burton-4x100m

Sydney Nguyen-4x100m

Zoe Atonescu-4x100m


Tishere Dockery- 110m hurdles (1st), 300m hurdles (1st), 4x400m (2nd)

Chris Schappi- 300m hurdles (2nd), 4x400m alternate

Alek Ryan-400m (3rd), 4x800m (2nd), 4x400m (2nd)

Thomas Vu-800m

Finn Kelleher-4x800m (2nd), 4x400m (2nd)

David Graham-4x400m (2nd), 4x800m alternate

Max Miracle-4x800m (2nd), 4x400m alternate

Thomas Vu-800m (5th) 4x800m (2nd), 4x400m alternate

Zachary Kith-Pole Vault (3rd)

Spencer Torok-Pole Vault (4th)

Andrew Bell-Disc (4th)

Robert Potter-4x800m alternate

Joel Haas 4x800m alternate

Hugo Liu-4x100m

Albert Caceres-Rosales-4x100m

Kai Ferro-4x100m

Tabias Best-4x100m

William Clock-4x100m



Personal Records


Jessica -Long Jump and triple jump

Haley-1600m and 800m

Lauren- 800m and 400m

Grace-shot put

Aeylen-shot put

Melissa-shot put




Anna-800m, 1600m and 3200m

Damierah-100m,  200m and long jump


Hazel-200m and triple jump

Grace M.-high jump


Alek-800m and 400m




Finn-1600m and 800m

Max-800m and 1600m





Hugo-100m and 200m

Kai-100m and 200m


William Clock-400m

Tishere-110mh, 300mh, 400m

Yisak-300mh, long jump, and triple jump



An Dao-Triple Jump

Zack-triple jump and pole vault


Team News

1 year ago @ 1:48PM

District Information

Dear Jaguar Track and Field,


Attached are our teams' entries for Districts, the time schedule, and the District Performance entries. Additional information such as results, lane assignments will be posted at the following link. Both districts and regionals are at Falls Church High School.





Wednesday May 26th 

4:45 start: Boys Long Jump (pit 1), Girls Triple Jump (pit 2), Girls High Jump 

Boys Pole Vault, Girls Shot put, and Boys Discus.

Arrive by 3:45 if you are in these events. ( Zack, An, Yisak, Jessica, Hazel, Zoe, Abbey, Grace M, Spencer, Kai, Grace F, Melissa, Ayelen, Andrew, Arthur, Tyler)


Athletes in running events arrive by 5:15pm

6:30 Girls 100m Dash Semi-Finals (Tishere, Chris)
6:40 Boys 100m Dash Semi-Finals (Hugo, Kai, Albert)

6:50 Girls 4x800m Relay FINALS ( Haley, Rachel, Madison, Lauren, Olivia, Anna)

7:05 Boys 4x800m Relay FINALS  (David, Thomas, Max, Alek, Finn, Robert, Joel)

7:20 Girls 200m Dash Semi-Finals  (Damierah, Hazel, Sonya)

7:30 Boys 200m Dash Semi-Finals (Hugo, Kai, William C.)


Thursday May 27th


Field Event athletes arrive by 3:45pm (Jessica, Damierah, Hazel, An, Zack, Yisak, Grace F., Melissa, Jakeline, Andrew, Ethan, Tyler)

4:45 start Girls Long Jump (pit 1), and Boys Triple Jump (pit 2), Girls Discus, Boys Shot Put


Running event athletes arrive by 4:30pm. (see attached entries and schedule)


Don't forget:


  • water bottle, check in, snacks, uniform, spikes, shoes, etc.
  • Stay in the shade and hydrate.
  • Pay attention to the time schedule, know your heat and lane, warmup and cool down properly
  • show great sportsmanship and team spirit.
  • give it your all and enjoy the moment.



Best regards,


Coach Smith


Team News

1 year ago @ 11:50AM

5-12-2021 Meet information

Dear Jaguar Track and Field,


Below is the information on Wednesday's track meet at Falls Church High School. Attached are the entries and meet program. We still need more PARENT VOLUNTEERS to help time. Only one parent volunteered. Volunteers receive free admission. Please email me. Timers meet at the finish line at 5:30 p.m.


5:00pm Athletes Arrive by.

5:15pm Senior Recognition (Fill out information below and send to Coach Smith)

5:45 Events start

8:30-Aproximate End Time


Things to remember:

  • Spectators are allowed. No pre-registration required. Masks and social distancing mandatory at all times. $5.00 Admission.
  • Keep meet program on your phone and know your heats and lanes.
  • Field events held at practice. Running events only at meets.
  • Bring: 32oz water bottle, extra mask, uniform, spikes, running shoes, sweats, jacket, snacks, etc.
  • Athletes can take off their masks while competing but should put it on shortly after and keep on at all other times.

Meet website for results:



Location change: Meet May 15th now at Edison High School.

Wed. May 5th Marshall Home meet Videos




Coach Smith

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:49AM

4-5-2021 Meet Information


Dear Jaguar Track and Field,


Below is the information on Wednesday's track meet at George Marshall High School.Attached are the entries and approximate time schedule. Please make sure you know ALL of your events. Check out with Coach Smith when all of your events are finished. Please check the meet program at the meet website when it is posted. Know your heats and lanes!


Meet website:



5:00pm Athletes Arrive by.

5:45 Events start

8:30-Aproximate End Time


Things to remember:

  • Phone QR code check-in with Coach Smith when you arrive in stands to FC sitting area.
  • Spectators are allowed. No pre-registration required.Masks and social distancing mandatory at all times.
  • Spectators are allowed at the meet up to 500.The cost is $5.00.
  • The meet will not be live stream
  • Field events held at practice. Running events only at meets.
  • Bring: 32oz water bottle, extra mask, uniform, spikes, running shoes, sweats, jacket, snacks, etc. 
  • Athletes can take off their masks while competing but should put it on shortly after and keep on at all other times.
  • HIP numbers go on the left side!
  • You must tuck in your shirt so the hip number can be seen at the finish line.
  • DO NOT throw wrapper to hip number on the ground. Clean up and use a garbage can.

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:46AM

4-28-2021 Meet Results

4-28-2021 Meet Results


Great job to all the Falls Church athletes last night. We had 86 personal records and had a great team result. The boys won the meet by 8 points over Edison and the girls narrowly lost by 3 points with Edison 2nd. Tishere Dockery in the 300m hurdles, the 4x800m girls and boys team, and the boys 4x400m team are presently leading the state in 6A in early results. Full team results below.


Men - Team Rankings 

    1) Falls Church               169       

    2) Edison High School        161       

    3) Justice                     85.50    

    4) John R. Lewis         69.50 


 Women - Team Rankings 

    1) Edison High School        170        

    2) Falls Church              167    

    3) Lewis High School   50        

    4) Justice                    47    


Full results:


4-28 Event Winners

High Jump-Abigail Breehey

4x800- Daniel Shutov, Finn Kelleher, Liam Glavin, Aleksander Ryan

4x800-Lauren Gagermeier, Olivia Lang, Anna Gray, Madison Wood

100m Hurdles and 300m Hurdles-Jessica McCormick

110m Hurdles-Christopher Schappi

1600m and 3200m-Haley Heironimus

300m Hurdles-Tishere Dockery

4x400-Aleksander Ryan, David Graham, Christopher Schappi, Tishere Dockery



800m-Daniel Shutov, Finn Kelleher, Liam Glavin, Michael Messeh, Jamie Perez, Thomas Vu, Olivia Lang, Anna Gray, Madison Wood, Lauren Gagermeier


1600m-Haley Heironimus, Anna Gray, Finn Kelleher, Peter Kratz, William Salisbury, Robert Potter, Liam Glavin


3200m-Haley Heironimus, Sam Ross, John Kearney


400m-Joel Haas, Peter Kratz, Robert Potter, Yisak Thomas, Madison Wood, Olivia Lang, Michael Messeh, William Clock, Aeleyn Soto-Azre


300m Hurdles- Tishere Dockery, Christopher Schappi, Yisak Thomas


100m Hurdles-Tishere Dockery, Christopher Schappi


200m-Hugo Liu, William Clock, Kai Ferro, Albert Caceres-Rosales, Joel Caceres-Rosales, Kyle Gurual, Tabias Best, Helena Halemerium, Dara Kearney


100m- Hugo Liu, Kai, Tabias, Albert, Tabias, Joel, Eden Burton, Catherine Nguyen, Helena, Sydney Nguyen, Aeleyn


Discus-Derman Whitney, Arthur Oker, Andrew Bell, Tyler Byrd, Melissa Russo, Samantha Mendozza-Hernadez


Shot Put-Grace Forsyth, Melissa Russo, Marializ Gonzales-Teo, Kennia Menjivar-Bonilla, Jakeline River Teo, Arthur Oker, William Clock, William Salisbury, Tyler Byrd


Long Jump-Chris Schappi, Zack Kith, Yisak Thomas, William Clock, Tabias Best, Jessica McCormick, Damierah Walker, Hazel Nguyen


Triple Jump-Zach Kith, Hugo Liu, Yisak Thomas, Kai Ferro, Will Clock, Tabias Best, Jessica McCormick, 

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:07AM

Jaguar 5k Virtual


Registration Link


Team News

1 year ago @ 9:52AM

Uniforms, entries, transportation


Dear Jaguar Track and Field,


Welcome to the FC track and field team!


Please check the team website for updated information periodically throughout the season.


Uniform order information, gear discounts, practice dates, information on spikes, etc. can be found at:


Order your uniform and shorts by April 20th. The online store closes on April 20th and items take a minimum of 3 weeks for delivery. Items will be delivered to the school and Coach Smith will pass them out. Uniform and shorts are required. Extra gear can also be ordered but are not required. A loaner uniform will be given until your uniform arrives.

It's important that new athletes to get proper training shoes to prepare for season. Our gear fundraiser started with Road Runners April 12th and runs through the 26th. Check the track website for details on discounts.


Meet Schedule


Meets start at 5:45PM on Wednesdays and 9am on Saturdays (April 15th)


There may be limits to running event entries. There will not be limits to field event entries as field events will be competed at practice. It's possible that not all athletes will be able to compete at all meets but all athletes will get an opportunity to compete in a field event. We will prioritize the varsity athletes for entries. Athletes will earn a varsity letter if they are a member of the team competing at districts.





Many of our families prefer to provide their own transportation to meets due to social distance recommendations. We have ordered one bus for the meets which will hold 23 socially distanced masked athletes for those that are unable to provide their own transportation. Please email coach Smith if you will be taking the bus. We have away meets on May 5th@Marshall, May 15th@Marshall, and May 19th@Justice. Both schools are only a few miles from FC.


Other important dates:


April 20th at 7 pm Virtual Meet the Coaches Night

May 12th Senior Recognition at Home Meet

Most information can be found on the FC track and field page. If you can't find the information you are looking for don't hesitate to ask.


Best regards,


Coach Smith

Team News

1 year ago @ 2:44PM

Mask Update

Face masksf or all outside sports will no longer be required for athletes during times of physical exertion. This is including all VHSL spring sports as well as fall sports that practice and play outdoors. Athletes must wear a mask during all other times when not engaged in physical exertion. This includes when on the sideline, going to and from practice, when huddled as a group during stoppage of play, or as stated, any time not actively engaged in physical exertion. Coaches and all others are always to wear a mask. All indoor sports and outdoor sports coming indoors for practice will continue to be expected to wear a mask. 

Please be aware these standards are subject to change.

It is important we continue to take all appropriate precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:38AM

Uniform order link


Order your uniform and shorts by April 20th. The online store closes on April 20th and items take a minimum of 3 weeks for delivery. Items will be delivered to the school and Coach Smith will pass them out. Uniform and shorts are required. Extra gear can also be ordered but is not required. A loaner uniform will be given until your uniform arrives.


Team News

1 year ago @ 10:16AM

Practice Dates

Practice begins Monday April 12th ( Mon-Friday at 3:30pm-5:30PM)  All students-athletes are expected to check in at the ticket booth (with phone QR Code) by 3:30pm prepared for practice. Wear your mask,  follow the check-in procedures, have a 32 oz water bottle, and all equipment. We have no access to locker rooms so come dressed to run.  All student-athletes must check-out with coaches before leaving for the day. End times for practices will vary by event group but all student athletes should be completed by 5:30pm. Pick-up promptly at 5:30 as we have to leave campus immediately.

All athletes must be registered, have physical form submitted, and all parts of the registration in before attending conditioning or practice sessions.

Conditioning days: Wednesdays and Fridays 3:30-5:30pm March 17, 19, 24, 26, 31, April 2, 7, 9.

April 20th at 7 pm Virtual Meet the Coaches Night

May 12th Senior Recognition at Home Meet

Practice days:

April: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

May: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

June 1, 2, 3, 

Additional days for Regional Qualifiers: 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (Top 3 finishers in each event at Districts qualify)

Additional days for State Qualifiers: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 (Top 3 region finishers in each event. Standards will not be used for the 2020-2021 state meet.)


Please both athlete and parent the team information document and fill out the following web form that you have read this information.


Also, make sure you have registered for sports at this link. Even if you have done paper copies you must register at this site.

Sports registration site:

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:19PM

Road Runner Gear-Up Fundraiser

Team News

1 year ago @ 11:57AM

PR Discounts

Team News

1 year ago @ 12:07PM


Why use running spikes?

Running spikes are ultimately designed to help you run faster on certain, uneven terrain. By providing extra grip to the forefoot you can transfer more force forward, using that stick to push off, improving your stride turnover.

Lighter than regular road running or trail running shoes, running spikes will also help you pick up speed.




For short distances at speed, sprinting spikes are best for 100 metre to 400 metre sprints on a track. The lightest running shoe on the market they are designed to put the runner on their toes, leaving them with little to no cushioning at the heels and usually quite stiff. The spike plate at the front will have the maximum number of pins to take more force and provide as much grip as possible.  



Still fairly lightweight middle distance running spikes will have more padding at the heel for greater cushioning over an 800 to 1500 metre distance. They're less rigid than sprinting spikes and the spike plate is not as far forward on the toe allowing for a more moderate speed. 



Best suited for events from 1500 metres to 10,000 metres, these running spikes provide the best cushioning while still maintaining a lightweight feel. They also do not feature the same aggressive spike plate as some of the shorter distance spikes. 


Designed to take on more force over a longer period of time they're made from more durable, but heavier, materials. Sometimes middle and long distance spikes are grouped together. 



With slightly more cushioning than your typical track spike, these are developed for running on grass in cross-country events. Typically used with longer spike pins, these are designed with more ankle support and a more secure fit for uneven terrain. 

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:31PM

5-15-2021 Meet at Edison Information

Dear Jaguar Track and Field,


Great job everyone again last night. Thank you to all the parent volunteers! We couldn't have done the meet without you. Falls Church won both the boys and girls! Full results below.


I received an email that some of you did not receive the weekly email. Somehow the distribution list was corrupted. It is fixed now. I usually double up and also put info on the team page in team news. See links below for additional information.


Photos of meets, District top ten, Regional information, etc.


Team News:


Saturday May 15th meet at Edison High School (Running events only)


Drop off: By 9:15 A.M.

Meet Start: 10:00A.M.

Pick-up: 1:00P.M.


Meet link with live results:


  • Check this site for lane assignments and hip numbers.
  • They will have concessions.
  • Entries attached


Estimated time schedule:


10:00 4x8- if enough teams we will run one race for each gender, if not we will combine and shave 15 min.

10:30 – 100/110H

10:45 – 100D

11:00- 1600

11:15- 4x100 relays

11:30- 400D

11:40- 300H

11:55- 800

12:10- 200D

12:20- 3200- Currently set for one section each gender

12:50 – 4x400