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6 months ago

Yellow Days (Conditioning)

FCPS is now allowing athletes to participate in conditioning only activities outside with some guidelines. No volleyballs and no equipment.

** Conditioning is open to any girls who are interested in trying out for volleyball (Grades 9-12).

We will have conditioning days every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am-9am in the stadium. 

New Procedures!!

  • Starting at 8am I will be doing the Pre-Activity Screening, if you are dropping off by car please stay in your cars and pull up to the ticket booth
  •  If you are walking or biking please wait along the fence (blacktop) and wait for me to do the pre-activity screening, please stay 6 ft apart while waiting
  • During Pre-Activity Screening please wear a mask
  •  Girls will need to stay in the car until I go thru some questions and take a temperature
  •  Girls MUST have a 32oz FILLED water bottle (no water bottle=no workout), or more since the weather is getting warmer
  •  No sharing 
  • Once cleared girls will then be allowed to head up to the track
  • Everyone needs to social distance while working out, we will be in the stadium/track the entire workout
  • Starting at 8:50-9am girls will be released in groups of 10 to be picked up in the parking lot

**Wearing a mask during Pre-Activity screening, while waiting for conditioning to start, and when leaving are great practices. Girls will not wear masks while working out. 

**You will also need to bring an emergency care card**

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Coach Kim

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