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Friday 12/08/2017 @ 7:30 pm
(A) vs Woodson

Falls Church High School 48
Woodson 41

Tonight, Coach Pritchett, with the help of assistant Coach Bailey, celebrated her 40th court victory in four seasons + six games. By contrast, the three coaches who led the Lady Jags over the previous six seasons before her could muster only 16 total wins in those six hapless years.  Falls Church now enjoys a five-game winning streak, matching the longest string of victories for the Lady Jags in eleven years and solidifying their best start of the century and beyond.

Seniors Mia Pendleton and Leah Shaw -- both four-year varsity players -- now share an uncomfirmed but highly-probable achievement: this tandem has surpassed Amber Ecelbarger and Leann Loch for the most victories celebrated by players who have ever worn a Falls Church Varsity Girls Basketball uniform.

Scoring Summary: Rasha Benhamida, 16 points; Sierra Kennard, 14 points; Mia Pendleton, 10 points; Leah Shaw, 4 points; Amari Faust, 3 points; Nyeisha Thompson, 1 point.

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