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Announcements and Important Events


Thursday Aug 16 @ 8:00PM

August 16-17 - Fall Sports Team Pictures click here for the schedule

Thursday, August 16th - Practice Field

Time:                                     Photographer #1                Photographer #2

2:15pm                                  Administrators                    Golf

2:45pm                                  ATCs                                                              

3:30pm                                  JV Field Hockey                    Varsity Cheerleaders

4:00pm                                  JV Cheerleaders                   Fr Cheerleaders      

4:30pm                                  V Field Hockey


Friday, August 17th-  Practice Field and  Main Gym

 Time:                                    Photographer #1:                           Photographer #2:

12:45pm (Practice Field)   JV Football                                        V Football

2:15pm (Main Gym)           V Volleyball                                       JV Volleyball

2:45pm (Main Gym)           Freshmen Volleyball          

3:30pm (Practice Field)     Freshmen Football              

4:00pm (Practice Field)     Marching Band



  • Cross Country pictures will be taken at a later date.


  • All teams should arrive to their picture location at least 5 minutes before picture time ready to go (in uniform, equipment, with order forms/money).
  • In the event of inclement weather, the pictures scheduled outside will be taken in the Main Gym.


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